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Search and Recruting

NHRG Search and Recruiting allows you to take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of the high-tech industry. Our experts will rapidly identify potential candidates for your regular employment positions using our large database of outstanding candidates, which are drawn from local, national, and international markets.


NHRG first seeks to understand your company’s mission, culture, management team, and specific job requirements. We work closely with you to define the responsibilities of the positions and outline the qualities of the appropriate candidate to match those responsibilities.


Our candidate pre-screening and reference checking process allows you to use your valuable time to interview only those who are best qualified.


We know that our success is your success, so we listen to your specific needs and understand what you’re looking for.


NHRG’s goal is to match the right candidate with the right client for the benefit of both!


For more information about our Search and Recruiting service, contact us today!



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