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NHRG was established in Austin, Texas in 1989 with the vision of providing the best possible technical search, contract services, and human resource services possible to our clients.  Since that time,NHRG has become one of the top high tech recruiting firms in Austin.  We have helped staff many of the most successful start-up companies in Austin in addition to helping one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies staff over 300 IT professionals.

NHRG been awarded over 220 contracts through the Texas DIR ITSAC contract since our initial contract in 2000.  We have placed consultants in the roles of project managers, enterprise architects, business/systems analysts, database architects, database administrators, developers, software testers, network administrators, technical writers and other IT professionals to assist agencies with their IT projects.  Our history and understanding of the IT industry, along with our professional recruiting staff, has allowed NHRG to provide IT contractors for almost any application computing environment.  This experience has enabled us to provide an in-depth service to the State of Texas.


NHRG has experience staffing successful start-up companies and, more importantly, has seen these companies grow and flourish as a result of getting the right team, at the right time, for the right company.  We know what type of personnel it will take to make your company successful. Trusting someone to staff your start-up company or new development team is a risky proposition.  There are many pitfalls and problems that routinely plague inexperienced or inefficient staffing teams, and these can become serious problems for your company.  These can be avoided by choosing a staffing company with the experience and insight to fulfill your needs in the most efficient manner possible.


We know the difference between an ongoing software production department and a start-up environment and the people that are necessary for both.  Through our expertise and experience of staffing technical teams NHRG can help our clients through many of the common hiring pitfalls.


The most important thing a staffing company can offer is its recruiting expertise.  All of our technical recruiters have college degrees and technical recruiting training.  They love technology and talking to candidates about technology. During this process they come to understand what our candidates career goals are, so when we submit them to you they are technically right for the job and right for your company.


For our exclusive or retained accounts, NHRG has had an interview to hire ratio of 1.5 interviews to an offer and 1.3 offers to a hire over the last seven years.  This means if you retain (see our retained search section) our technical recruiting services you will only have to interview at most two candidates before you make an offer.


If you think about your staff and how valuable their time is to you and the completion of your company’s projects, can you really afford a poor interview to hire ratio?  If you have to hire 10 people that is at least 10 hours per hire.  If 3 to 5 of your employees interview these candidates that is 30 to 50 hours of their time.  If your interview to hire ratio is 5 interviews to a hire that is five times as many hours, 150 to 250 hours.  This type of interviewing process will not only delay your projects but also increase your man-hour cost per hire.  Let the staff of NHRG spend those hours searching, screening, and qualifying those candidates so your critical personnel resources can focus on what they are supposed to be doing, conducting business and developing product.  

You can ask our clients how efficient our services have been over the last 20 years.  Our growth has been a product of our reputation. We want to spread the word and save new clients and candidates time and money. 


It is our goal at NHRG to be the most productive recruiting source for our client companies.  NHRG is a technical recruiting and contract services firm that can and has delivered candidates for our clients and we would like to do the same for you.  We want to be Your Source for People Solutions!  For more information please call Tom Volick or Marc Byers.


Can you really afford a poor interview to hire ratio?  
Let us spend those hours searching, screening, and qualifying those candidates so your critical resources can focus on conducting business and developing product.  
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