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Retained Services

NHRG has done many retained searches for our clients with 100% success.  When you retain our services with an upfront fee or monthly retainer our organization gives your company’s positions the highest priority. 


So what is the difference between a retained and contingent search?   Plenty!!!!  You get our exclusive attention!  



  • Our entire recruiting team will work on your positions not just one of our recruiters. 

  • We will meet with your management team to understand your technical needs in addition to your corporate culture and environment to make sure that the people you interview fit your criteria. 

  • We establish time lines and specific dates for critical hires and focus on those searches. 

  • We work with our clients on current salary trends and compensation packages to assure that when the appropriate candidate is found you can offer an attractive package to insure quick closure on this hire.  

  • With our exposure over the last ten years to e-commerce and object oriented development we can provide advice on what the technology trends are and the combination of skills that work best to accomplish your company’s goals. 



So why is there a higher level of service on a retained basis?


  • First, it increases the level of commitment that we get from you, our client thus giving us crucial information about the positions and your company, which enables our recruiters to sell your company to our candidates. 

  • By working so close with your organization we get very timely interview feedback, which allows us to adjust our recruiting efforts according to your changing needs. 

  • Often times hiring the right person for your critical position is a moving target depending on the technology that is being applied.  We understand that at NHRG and adjust our searches accordingly. 

  • We also understand that decisions on specific technology solutions may be made during the hiring process. 

  • The retained and exclusive arrangement allows for this important information to flow quickly in order to get those critical resources hired. 

  • These are the reasons NHRG has a 100% success rate on all of our retained searches and why our interview to hire ratio on these searches over the last seven years has been less than 2:1. 

  • Secondly, if we are paid a portion of our fees monthly or upfront to fill positions and we are the only company working on those positions it reduces our risk. 

You may ask why you should pay NHRG a retainer when other firms will work on a contingency basis or your internal staff may be able to find them on the internet or through other sources?


That is a good question and one we are asked every day. 


The one best answer is that NHRG has filled every retained search that we have had over the last 10 years.  This includes high-level searches for VP’s and Directors of Development to group hirers of 10 to 20 or more.  In some instances we have staffed new technology and ecommerce teams from the top down, first finding the Director or Architect and then defining the positions to be staffed to meet the goals of the organization.  


On these retained accounts our interview to hire ratio has been 1.5 interviews to an offer and 1.3 offers to an acceptance.  That means that no more than 2 interviews were made on average to fill a position.    Our ratio on our contingent searches is 8.3 interviews to hire.   These numbers speak for themselves. 



We can structure a retained or exclusive relationship according to you Technical staffing needs.  Please call Tom Volick or Marc Byers for specific information on our retained search process and pricing structure.





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